Cobra Clean

Biodegradable, Non Acidic, Non Caustic
Degreaser & All Purpose Cleaner

Got Grease? Got Grime? Got Stains?

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Spray it with a hand sprayer for small jobs, spray with a pump sprayer for bigger jobs. Watch the grease run off.

Rinse with water, and the remaining surface will be clean as a whistle.

Degrease Aluminum
Clean critical aluminum parts with Cobra Clean. It's not acidic or super caustic.


Steel and Galvanized
Clean grease off of sheet steel and watch it shine. Galvanized too.

RV and Schools
Got gum stuck in that carpet? Got stains you don't know what to do with?

Buy it. You will like it, and you will buy it again and again.

Biodegradable Degreaser. Non Acid. Not Caustic. Cobra Clean

Bio Cleaner


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