Fuel Eco Systems Applications


The Eco Systems Fuel Vapor Enhancer will significantly decrease fuel consumption
and emissions in any internal combustible engine Vehicle powered by Gasoline, Propane, Diesel, Bio-Fuels, CNG or Purinox.
Long and Short Haul Carriers
Save HUNDREDS of dollars each month
on fuel. Lower your overall maintenance
costs. Reduce harmful emissions.

"We experienced an average fuel savings of 15 to 28% on our long haul carriers."
Glazier Foods - Houston, Texas

Maritime Vessels
Save THOUSANDS of dollars each month on fuel. Lengthen engine life. Reduce harmful emissions.

"Our towboat used 10,000 gallons of fuel in three round trips. After we installed the Eco System units, she now uses 8,000 gallons!"
Buffalo Marine Service - Houston, Texas

Construction Vehicles
Reduce harmful emissions. Lengthen engine life. Reduce maintenance costs. Save fuel.

"We were skeptical at first! We installed
Eco System on a variety of vehicles
and in every instance not only did it save fuel and increase performance, it also significantly reduced smoke!"
Premier Distributing Company -
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Public Works Vehicles
Improve fuel performance.
Reduce harmful emissions.
Reduce maintenance costs.

Eco System units we tested did everything we expected and then some! We have now equipped our entire fleet with the Eco units ."
Zavala County Sheriff's Department -
Crystal City, Texas

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